Auger Clean out

  1. Inspect auger for any foreign material, remove with shopvac
  2. Engage auger and run for 1-2 minutes to ensure all material has been removed.
  3. Flush auger with organic crop, and dispose of any contaminated product.

Clean corn dryer

  1. Run augers until empty
  2. shutdown and remove equipment
  3. Open clean out trap
  4. Remove any corn with shopvac / compressed air

Clean Crimper


  1. Raise and lock equipment into transport mode
  2. Remove large clumps of sod and plant matter by hand. Discard into the hedgerow on the south east corner of the farm
  3. Power wash equipment to remove all dirt and plant residue


Clean hay mower

  1. Place equipment in transport mode
  2. Remove excess forage from the top, side, and under the mower.
  3. Use compressed air to remove dust from the mower and cutterbar

Cleaning misc hay equipment

  1. Inspect equipment for loose hay and forage. Remove the forage and discard it.
  2. Clean with compressed air or the pressure washer


Cleaning Procedure: BREWING TOTE (brewer)

1. Ensure blower is unplugged, then remove blower from diffuser manifold.

2. Remove filter sleeve from diffuser manifold.

3. Turn filter sleeve inside-out, discarding contents to ground.

4. Hang filter sleeve and rinse with garden hose.

5. Open tote drain, allowing residual water to drain to ground.

6. Using garden hose, flush excess dirt off of diffuser manifold. Leave filter sleeve hanging to air dry.

7. Remove diffuser manifold and place upright on ground.

8. Using garden hose, flush inside of diffuser manifold while tilting it back and forth. Continue until clear water flows from all   perforations.

9. Using garden hose, flush any remaining silt and particles from tote. Residue clinging to tote surface will remain.

10. Using pressure washer, scrub remaining residue from tote surfaces and the diffuser manifold.

11. Using garden hose, flush tote until water remaining in tote is clear.

Cleaning Procedure: CROP SPRAYER

Note: In this procedure the terms "OFFLINE" and "ONLINE" refer exclusively to flow paths controlled by valve positioning, and DO NOT refer to pump operation in any instance. 

1. Ensure PTO pump is OFF. OPEN drains, allowing most fluid to drain from sprayer.

2. Flush inside of sprayer tank, allowing an additional 25 - 50 gallons of water to drain from sprayer.

3. Open filter canister.

4. Remove poly-mesh filter sleeve and metal strainer.

5. Turn poly-mesh filter sleeve inside out and hang it up securely. Rinse both filter sleeve and metal strainer.

6. Rinse the inside of the filter canister until clean water flows freely from its bottom drain.

7. Close and secure filter canister lid.

8. SHUT drains. Place agitation OFFLINE. Place valves feeding sprayer booms ONLINE. Ensure booms are deployed.

9. Add approximately 50 gallons of water to sprayer tank.

10. After ensuring booms are deployed and boom feed lines are ONLINE, START PTO pump and spray through boom spray nozzles for 2 minutes.

11. STOP PTO pump.

12. After stopping PTO pump, place sprayer boom feed lines OFFLINE, and place agitation ONLINE.

13. Again, add approximately 50 gallons of water to the sprayer tank.

14. After ensuring agitation is ONLINE and boom feed is OFFLINE, START PTO pump and allow water in tank to agitate approximately 2 minutes.

14. STOP PTO pump.

15. Once the PTO pump is OFF, OPEN drains, and OPEN boom feed valve line-up, allowing most fluid to drain from sprayer.

16. Stow booms.

Cleaning procedure:Corn planter

  1. Shopvac all seed boxes clean
  2. disconnect liquid fertilizer hoses and flush until water runs clear
  3. re-connect liquid fertilizer hoses
  4. Pressure wash to remove residual soil from all planter components

Cleaning procedure:Grain drill

  1. place planter in transport mode
  2. open all the seed cups
  3. ensure all the seed is removed from seed box with a shop vac
  4. shopvac each seed cup
  5. remove any dust with compressed air

Cleaning round baler

  1. Lower pickup head
  2. raise bale door
  3. shut off the tractor
  4. place the lockout lever in the locked position
  5. Remove excess hay from the belts
  6. Remove excess hay from the bale chamber
  7. Remove excess hay from the pickup
  8. Open both access doors and remove excess hay
  9. Using compressed air clean the baler, removing all debris
  10. Close both access doors
  11. Disengage the lockout
  12. Close the bale door