Compost Tea

1. Fill tote with water.

2. Weight diffuser manifold in place in tote.

3. Fill filter sleeve with approximately 3 gallons of compost and suspend from diffuser manifold.


4. Add to water in tote:

          1 quart fish emulsion OR 8 fluid ounces of Hi-Energy Fish

          16 fluid ounces of Sea Crop 16 (kelp)

          32 fluid ounces of Premium Cal

          1 cup of sugar


5. Attach blower to diffuser manifold.

6. Start blower and adjust air flow to disturb compost without bubbling over filter sleeve lip.

7. Continue aerating tote and compost for 24 hours.

8. IF combining tea with nutrient feeding, add nutrients according to desired recipe.

9. Continue aerating for 2 additional minutes to mix ingredients.

10. Stop blower. Note the time when blower is stopped.

11. Wait 5 minutes for silt to settle to bottom of tote.

12. After 5 minutes, pump extract to sprayer tank.

12. Ensure spraying is completed within 1 hour of the time the blower was stopped.

13. Clean tote according to cleaning procedure.