Combine cleanout procedure

  1. Park combine, remove key
  2. Inspect grain head for any bulk foreign matter, remove by hand
    1. If a corn head, pick up nose cones and remove debris from the gathering changes
  3. Using compressed air clean grain head to remove all dust / debris
  4. Remove any access shields on feeder housing
  5. inspect feeder housing for bulk material and remove
  6. clean using compressed error
  7. Inspect rock trap remove foreign matter and clean using compressed air
  8. Open sieve access door
  9. Open clean grain elevator access panel
  10. Open return grain elevator access panel
  11. Open grain tank access door.
    1. Blow grain out the door with compressed air
  12. Open main auger access door
  13. Ensure everyone is clear of the machine
  14. Start the machine and run it for 60 seconds to clear any debris
  15. Shut off machine and remove key
  16. Shut all access doors