Cleaning Procedure: BREWING TOTE (brewer)

1. Ensure blower is unplugged, then remove blower from diffuser manifold.

2. Remove filter sleeve from diffuser manifold.

3. Turn filter sleeve inside-out, discarding contents to ground.

4. Hang filter sleeve and rinse with garden hose.

5. Open tote drain, allowing residual water to drain to ground.

6. Using garden hose, flush excess dirt off of diffuser manifold. Leave filter sleeve hanging to air dry.

7. Remove diffuser manifold and place upright on ground.

8. Using garden hose, flush inside of diffuser manifold while tilting it back and forth. Continue until clear water flows from all   perforations.

9. Using garden hose, flush any remaining silt and particles from tote. Residue clinging to tote surface will remain.

10. Using pressure washer, scrub remaining residue from tote surfaces and the diffuser manifold.

11. Using garden hose, flush tote until water remaining in tote is clear.